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Everyone deserves to have an equal chance to lead a healthy life.  However, in the nation’s capital, too many residents, especially east of the Anacostia River in Wards 7 and 8, suffer from enormous health disparities. While many dedicated health care providers currently care for these vulnerable populations, much more must be done to achieve health equity. I hope you will support this effort by making a gift today.

The Rodham Institute was established in 2013 in honor of the late Mrs. Dorothy Rodham who believed passionately in the capacity for education to achieve social change. Mrs. Rodham was a remarkable person. She was strong, determined and gifted. To her education, opportunity, and helping to lift people out of their difficulty circumstances was the way to lift the entire community.

The mission of the Rodham Institute is to partner with the local Washington D.C. community to achieve health equity by cultivating the next generation of community-oriented health care providers, and training them in innovative strategies to improve health care for all. We need a comprehensive strategy to give health care providers the knowledge and tools to treat diverse groups and meet their challenges. By providing health learners with important health equity knowledge and experience, we give them the power to tackle problems of the future.

With your support and generosity, we will continue to make a measurable difference in the lives of underrepresented individuals. During this time of reflection and giving, please consider making a tax-deductible gift today to support this important work.

Rodham Institute Annual Summit

Annually the Rodham Institute brings together community, academics, and health care providers to talk about the issues and how we can work together to address them. It has been an honor to learn more about the great work being done to achieve health equity in the Washington, D.C. community each year. The summit is our way to give a platform to the issues and those who are on the frontline that we work alongside to help support these extraordinary efforts.  

Rodham CHC (Community Health Connect)

DC Community Health Connect are a series of informal educational and networking events for community-based healthcare providers in Washington DC.   It is intended to provide a forum for these providers – who often share similar interests, educational needs, and challenges – to connect with one another as well as with other experts and resources in DC.

Rodham Institute H.E.L.P. (Health Education Leadership Program) 

The Health, Education & Leadership Program (H.E.L.P.) was designed to promote and encourage health awareness, advocacy, interest, ability and commitment to attending college and pursuing careers in medicine or any health care related fields. HELP currently serves high school students who reside and attend public or charter schools in the Washington, DC metro area. The majority of the students that participate in H.E.L.P. are from Title I schools.

This program is year round and longitudinal. It works with and tracks the student through their high school career and into college.

Rodham Institute ACCA (Academic Community Collaboration Award)

The Rodham Institute’s Academic Community Collaboration Award was formed to stimulate and advance community-university collaborations around research and program development related to the health and well-being of the residents of D.C. Grants are awarded to collaboration between community organizations and George Washington University students or faculty that most successfully demonstrate the potential for advancing the health and well-being of the residents of D.C.

See the City You Serve

Despite a call to action to address the social determinants of health in the United States, there has been limited evaluation of specific tools for teaching the social determinants of health to our medical learners. Organized by the Rodham Institute, these half day tours and discussions have increased the basic knowledge of D.C. disparities. See the City You Serve provides clinician leaners with a true look at the communities that they serve and the journey their patients take to seek health care in the district.

Just as we were in the beginning, the Rodham Institute is dedicated to improving the lives of the citizens of Washington D.C. As healers and educators, our work at the Rodham Institute is more important than ever. Improving health equity in Washington DC through education is not just a slogan.  It takes a village to make that happen. We are redoubling our commitment to our communities. - Dr. Jehan (Gigi) El-Bayoumi

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